Generic Health is committed to providing an ethical and fair workplace where all employees and potential employees enjoy an environment of opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

Generic Health provides equal employment opportunity to all potential and existing employees in relation to their recruitment, promotion, transfer, remuneration and conditions of employment, training, working environment, termination and redundancy throughout the course of their employment with Generic Health.

Generic Health accepts that the health, safety and welfare of its employees, contractors, suppliers and clients is of the utmost importance and will manage its workplace in such a manner to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable, that the highest standards of health and safety are maintained in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic), associated Regulations, Compliance Codes and Australian Standards.

Generic Health promotes risk management to identify, assess, control and review risk factors in the workplace and systems. We adopt a preventative approach to minimising the potential for injury, damage and loss whilst ensuring that all incidents are investigated and injured employees are returned to suitable work at the earliest opportunity. We encourage effective communication and consultation with all employees on matters relating to workplace health and safety.

Please contact us for further information on available positions and employment at Generic Health.