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Generic Health offers you a wide range of quality, generic medicines. A generic medicine is an alternative option to original brand. It contains the same active ingredient in the same strength as the original brand, however, it may contain different inactive ingredients such as colouring agents. Therefore, if you have a known sensitivity to certain substances (for example, lactose or gluten), you should ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice before taking a medicine.

Check our product information page or contact Generic Health if you want to check whether a particular Generic Health product contains the specific substances that you wish to avoid.

Generic Health – our promise to you

Here at Generic Health, you can explore our comprehensive range of generic products. Our over-the-counter range, Pharmacy Action is available in local pharmacies nationwide.

If your healthcare provider prescribes prescription medicines to you, you can rest assured our Generic Health range will deliver the same level of quality as the leading original brand equivalent.  A copy of the Consumer Medicine Information for your prescription medicine may be downloaded from our product listing page

Quality at competitive prices

Generic medicines must meet the same quality standards applied to original brand. Similarly, the manufacturing sites of our medicines must pass the same strict manufacturing standards and may be inspected by the government agency from time to time, as for the original brand.

Where there is a difference is the cost. Generic medicines are typically lower price than original brand, because the generic manufacturers do not have to make the same initial investment into developing and marketing the product. This is because the original brand has already made this investment when they first developed the product.

Supporting the Australian healthcare system

The benefits of generic medicines go further than supporting an individual’s health status. These products have saved the Government billions of dollars over the years, and patients can also enjoy the cost benefit through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Generic medicines offer an effective solution that helps reduce the cost of pharmaceutical care, thereby enabling the Government to invest savings back into the Australian healthcare system. When you choose generic medicines, you are not just benefiting yourself, you are helping the Australian healthcare system.