Our Story

Founded in 2004, Generic Health was created with the belief that all Australians should have access to high-quality, cost-effective medicines. With that goal underpinning everything we do, we have transformed into one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Australia.

The acquisitions and partnerships we have fostered over the years have strengthened and cemented our capabilities and expertise. In 2007, we acquired Bellwether Pharma Ltd, a supplier of quality generic pharmaceuticals. In 2009, Max Pharma joined the Generic Health team, expanding our product portfolio to include specialty hospital generics, and in 2011 we acquired marketing rights to the GOANNA brand of therapeutic creams, rubs and oils. These events all served to reinforce the solid foundations of Generic Health’s early business success.

In 2012, Generic Health was acquired by Lupin, an innovation-led, transnational pharmaceutical company and one of the top 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. This acquisition proved to be a pivotal moment for Generic Health and has been critical in shaping the future of the organisation.

As a result of leveraging Lupin’s size, strength and global presence, we have been able to transform Generic Health into a key player in the Australian generic medicines market. Drawing on Lupin’s operating structures, we have created a sustainable platform designed for growth, enabling us to build economies of scale. Lupin’s position as a pharmaceutical leader presented an important opportunity for product expansion, through investment in key therapeutic areas of growth. Importantly, we have been able to invest more heavily in customer service and stakeholder relationships, ensuring we are able to continually enhance the experience of providing cost-effective pharmaceutical products to Australian consumers, patients and healthcare providers.

2013 saw the launch of “Pharmacy Action”, a comprehensive range of over-the-counter products, offering consumers a cost-effective alternative to original brand. Products in our Pharmacy Action range meet the same strict standards required by the Australian Government, as for the original brand, making Pharmacy Action an affordable choice that does not compromise on quality.

Today, we have a comprehensive product offering which is continuously expanding. Our range of prescription medicines, over-the-counter products and speciality injectable products are available in pharmacies and hospitals nationwide.

When consumers and healthcare professionals use a Generic Health product, they benefit from the global healthcare expertise that underpins it. Our team members have extensive experience within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and strong relationships with our hospital and supplier networks. We have sourced ingredients for our products from across the world, to ensure our formulations are high quality. All of this and more makes Generic Health one of the leading and most trusted pharmaceutical companies in Australia.