For Pharmacies

Bringing value and expertise to your local community

We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with our network of local community pharmacies. In fact, our team of Generic Health representatives works with an extensive list of local pharmacies nationwide. These strong relationships are not just founded on our fantastic products, they are strengthened by our expertise, experience and passion for pharmaceuticals.

Our Pharmacy Action range of over-the-counter medicines rivals the leading brands in terms of quality, while affording your customers a more cost-effective solution to manage their health and wellbeing.

For prescription medicines, our Generic Health range offers products of high quality, efficacy and value.

Offering you and your customers more

Our core value proposition includes:

  • No minimum order quantities
  • Transparent pricing
  • Full credit policy
  • Easy and simple ordering via your wholesaler of choice or direct through DHL.

Generic Health is able to offer this value proposition thanks to our relationships with high-quality, cost-effective manufacturing partners, which enables us to offer significant discounts to support your pharmacy business. As well as our comprehensive existing product portfolio, we are constantly expanding our range to ensure we are at the forefront of product development within the pharmaceutical world.